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Overton is a large searchable index of policy literature: government documents, guidelines, IGO and NGO reports, think tank research, central bank working papers and more. It collects from hundreds of sources worldwide.
Collected documents are parsed to extract topics and references to scholarly papers: the Overton search interface allows you to filter on these.
Get links direct to the relevant documents, export to Excel, set up email alerts to be notified of new data that matches your question or use our API to integrate with other impact tracking dashboards and systems.

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  • Journal or publisher cited
  • Author affiliations of any cited papers
  • Policy area or topic
  • Source type (healthcare agency, legislative research unit, think tank…)
  • Country

Answer questions like:

  • Where is our work being cited?
  • What groups in the UK policy space are working on labour relations?
  • What journals are cited the most in climate change policy?

Fast, useful summary reports

View summary reports for any collection of policy documents or articles. Quickly get an overview of which policy areas a journal, institution or funder has work cited in, what countries those citations are coming from and how things have changed over time. Drill down to see all of the documents and references behind the numbers.

View, search and filter by cited scholarly articles

Switch view inside Overton to see all of the scholarly works cited by policy documents: filter these by author affiliation, journal, publisher and more, or paste in a list of DOIs to see which ones have been cited and where. Click on articles to see which policy documents they have been cited in, complete with snippets showing the context of the reference and a direct link to the relevant page of the PDF where applicable.

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